About Us

This digital place is an online platform to find treatments abroad, compare prices, read authentic reviews and book online easily.


Let's start and talk about "the people behind the company";

Who are we? We are three individuals began with a passion for helping people who need healthcare -- this makes us happy. We are here to be your partner through your healthcare experiences that await you around the globe. When you need help choosing the right clinic to enrich your life with unforgettable medical experiences, then the Heal2Go healthcare assistant will be here to help with tips for choosing the right clinic for you.


We believe that we are highly empathic people:)

Everyone, of course, has a natural preservation sense about "being afraid of unknown" in a universe full of surprises.

You are going to another country for treatment; there are lots of unknown things you want to make them known. Please let us know what you need to know then get answers and feel comfy & feel happy.




We have been told, "highly empathic people have a unique view of music."


That's why we created a  playlist named "Music Therapy -- Heal & Feel better by Heal2Go"


on Spotify for music lovers. You may choose to listen before or after treatment.


Social bluebird is going to announce "health days" of 2019 if you follow us on @heal2gotweets Twitter. Keep in touch.


We have created an Instagram page @heal2go full of beautiful medical travel destination photos, and travel&wellness quotes will surprisingly inspire you. Please enjoy it!