Frequently asked questions
Who we are?
This digital place is an online platform to find treatments abroad, compare prices, read authentic reviews and book online easily. Let's start and talk about "the people behind the company"; Who we are? We are three individuals who began with a passion for helping people who need healthcare -- this makes us happy. We are here to be your partner through your healthcare experiences that await you around the globe. When you need help choosing the right clinic to enrich your life with unforgettable medical experiences, then the Heal2Go healthcare assistant will be here to help with tips for choosing the right clinic for you. We believe that we are highly empathic people:) Everyone, of course, has a natural preservation sense about "being afraid of unknown" in a universe full of surprises. You are going to another country for treatment, and there are lots of unknown things you want to make them known. Please let us know what you need to know then get answers and feel comfy & feel happy.
How does it work?
Heal2Go brings together clinics and hospitals from various countries and offers you the opportunity to compare the treatments you are looking for at the most affordable prices. Our platform is designed to have a user-friendly interface to meet the needs of international patients and clinics. Now let's take a look at how the system works step by step. 1. The treatment you are looking for is a click away Type the treatment you are looking for in the search bar on the homepage. Click on the name of the treatment you need. then select the country in which you want to get this treatment from the countries tab next to the search bar. If you want to get the best price offer from all over the world, then click to select all the countries on the country selection bar. 2. I found the clinic that I was looking for. And what am I supposed to do now? You can decide to the clinic or hospital by examining the price and the actual patient comments. After entering the clinic page, click on the get a free quote button in the upper left corner. Fill out the form that you came up with. If you have medical documents* such as analysis and x-ray results, please add them to the form. You can forward your medical documents later on from the clinical communication panel to your doctor. If you don't have any results, don't worry, your doctor will guide you. *Medical documents you have sent to your doctor through our system are not hosted in our system regarding patient-doctor confidentiality. 3. I can't be sure which clinic to choose. If you can't decide which clinic to choose, you can get support from us. Press the "get a free quote" button at the top right of the homepage and send us your special requests. 4. Get your personalized offer. Once your request has been received, your clinic will make a return by creating a personalized offer. You will be able to access appointment dates, treatment and doctor information. The price offer you have received will not be the final figure. There may be changes in the prices offered as a result of changes in your health status, other unrecognized diseases, or complications during treatment. It can be clarified after you arrive at the hospital or clinic. 5. Get your appointment and plan your trip If you are satisfied with the offer and have decided to make an appointment for your treatment, your clinic may request a deposit, especially for medications that require surgery. You can easily pay the required amount from the clinic communication screen. The money you have spent will remain in the Heal2Go vault and will not be transferred to the clinic until you receive treatment. Therefore, you can pay the deposit directly to the clinic, or we recommend you to choose the Heal2Go secure payment channel. Most clinics will refund your entire deposit if you wish to cancel your appointment. Please contact your clinic for cancellation policy before depositing your deposit. Some clinics can offer special discounts if you pay the full price of the treatment, you can request a special offer. Once you've clarified your appointment date, you can start creating your travel plan for visa application, accommodation, flight tickets, and transfer services. Some clinics can help you with these issues. If you need support for your travel planningHeal2Go Assistance Service* will help you. *Heal2Go Assistance Service is a paid service. For more information please click here 6. Welcome, treatment and recovery You can be picked up from the airport on request. You will be asked to fill in the patient registration form upon arrival. To save your time, you can fill this form online before coming to the clinic. The detailed information you need will be delivered to you by your clinic before you start your travel. After your treatment, you may need to stay for a few days for your recovery and control. Once you return to your country, your communication channel with your doctor will always be open.
What is Heal2Go Assistance Service?
The Heal2Go assistance service is a support service that will assist you from the beginning to the end of your medical journey. With this service, you will find alternatives to the countries you want to go and the treatments you want to take, by making a comprehensive clinical selection and price comparison. It offers personalized assistance, from appointment to the clinic to your treatment, to necessary reservations for your accommodation and transfer organizations in the destination country, and even to a dinner reservation in the most beautiful restaurants of the country if you request.
Why should I prefer Heal2Go when I have the opportunity to contact the clinic directly?
The hospitals, clinics, and doctors on the Heal2Go platform do not charge you an extra fee. Heal2Go provides hospitals, clinics, and doctors with the latest technological infrastructure to help them find patients in this market. Therefore, under the brand name Heal2Go, you will have a privileged patient status for these healthcare organizations and will offer you the highest level of service. Besides, Heal2Go attaches importance to national and international accreditation certificates of health institutions registered on its platform. Another criterion is patient satisfaction scores. If the health care provider is not able to provide patient satisfaction to the international patients required by Heal2Go standards, these clinics excreted out of the system.
How does Heal2Go choose clinics?
It is crucial for us that the clinics in our platform have national and international accreditation certificates. In some countries, we request registration fees from clinics and sign contracts. The fact that we charge a clinic listing fee does not mean that we will always list this clinic on our platform. If the clinic provides a service far from patient satisfaction, it is immediately removed from our system. As Heal2Go, we aim to provide the best service to the patients who participate in health tourism and return to their countries with their health. Therefore, we will meet with the patients after the treatment to ensure that the clinics in our platform provide high standards of service. Also, internationally accredited clinics are subject to rigorous inspection at certain periods of the year.