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What are people saying
Our customers are building and running awesome, innovative things with Heal2Go. Here are their feedbacks;
Dr. Mahmut Sunay
Belis Plastic Surgery & Beauty Clinic - Fethiye, Muğla, Turkey
“Heal2Go is an extension to my practice ... they're a part of my team.”
Dt. Korkut Gürsoy
Side Smile Dental Clinic, Antalya, Turkey
“Heal2Go staff always provide great service to both healthcare provider partners and the public. They always walk away with a smile.”
Dr. Harun Şimşek
Harun Şimşek Plastic Surgery Clinic, Antalya, Turkey
“They handle your online presence, they handle online reputation, they handle your online booking & scheduling — it’s a really remarkable platform.”
Prof.Dr. Ümit Kemal Şentürk
DK Klinik, Antalya, Turkey
“Heal2Go provides us simplicity and online visibility.”
Heather Louise (International Patient Coordinator)
Denart Turkey Dental Centre - Side, Antalya, Turkey
“Advertising with Heal2Go allows us to automate at scale. You can definitely grow with Heal2Go.”
Dr.İlker Bacaksız
Private Antera Oral and Dental Health Center, Antalya, Turkey
“We have started attracting international patients and increase our clinic's revenue by Heal2Go's support.”
How it Works
Learn How Everything Works!
We don't charge patients
We don't add anything onto the price. Be sure that the price you set is the price we display.
Use alongside other platforms
Using alongside your other relationships is not a problem. You can manage your availability in parallel to your existing relationships.
You control, your availability
Only accept patients during the summer or maybe just weekends, at you decide when you want patients.
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Medical Tourism Facts
Real Result
percent growth per year
billion current market
11 million
medical tourist annually
of world's population travel internationally for treatment
Listing on Heal2Go / Become a partner
Heal2Go is an online platform that connects patients with trusted medical providers globally.Partner with Heal2Go to attract more international patients.
Get listed worldwide;
Clinics can make full use of the healthcare platform by getting listed overseas.
Increase your online visibility;
By selecting and implementing a few, focused online marketing activities that deliver results, you can increase online visibility and be found by international patients.
Attract international patients;
The volume of international patients has been growing over the past 15 years, with developing countries gaining a larger market share. The purpose of this "digital health booking interface" is to build international health services fields, to develop a model that enhances a hospital's ability to attract international patients.
Book & schedule more patients;
Better patient booking creates value all across the healthcare system. So, let's give patients the appointment scheduling tools they need to book. More than a third of the appointments will be self-scheduled through web forms, apps, or some other digital interface.
Increase your revenue;
Increasing sales and revenues are related but different goals, and each needs its own strategy. Although the tactics for each may be different, they should complement each other. Understanding how sales and revenue are related and how to increase both helps you market efficiently and optimize your profits.
Grow your medical travel business;
Rising healthcare costs are leading some citizens to seek cheaper alternatives in other countries. But a lot of these prospective medical tourists don't know where to find the care they need at the price they can pay, or they might be afraid to travel alone to their desired destination. Starting a service to facilitate this kind of travel is a viable business idea, but you must develop a clear concept of what you will be offering.
Build an excellent brand reputation;
The strong and positive Brand Reputation is an intangible asset for any organization leading to multiple benefits such as higher brand value, brand awareness, and customer loyalty amongst others. Various promotional tools such as PR, digital marketing, social media, blogs, content marketing, advertisements on newspapers, television, and other media platforms can be opted to promote the values and fundamentals of the company that helps in building the Brand Reputation.
Marketing and advertising
Heal2Go will make a world of difference to your brand. We are big thinkers with a passion for creating beautifully crafted digital experiences.
Many medical travelersbegin with search engines
That's why we don't wait for patients to come to us, but actively promote your clinic or hospital on search engines all across the globe.
Some medical travelerssearch using maps
So a listing on means your listing is advertised on Google Maps too.
Finding a clinic is alsoabout recommendations
From patients to medical travel bloggers to prominent media outlets, we make sure our brand is always being talked about. Meaning more people turn to when it comes to searching for treatments abroad.
Frequently asked questions
What will happen after I sign up?
Here's how it works: - You sign up - You get access to your clinic dashboard - You can update your treatments, prices and everything else When you're ready, set your clinic live Note: If you encounter any problems during the registration phase, you can get help by clicking the "live agent" button in the lower right corner. Our customer representatives usually return to you in a few minutes.
I completed the registration process and my clinic is online. What will happen now?
Heal2Go is a platform that brings together your clinic and patients from around the world. Now, wait and see how your international patient traffic increases. Tip: According to our researches; the patients prefer the clinics that provide detailed information about their clinics, bring their doctors to the forefront and use professional photographs. The real interpretations of patients who prefer you will be the most crucial reason for preference.
Will I be able to update my registration details at a later date?
Once you’ve registered with us, you can update your details at any time. For example, if you add a new treatment or if you want to tell us more about your clinic or doctors – you can add this information whenever you want to.
What kinds of photos should I upload?
According to our research, clinics that use professional photographs are one of the factors affecting the reasons for patients' preference. Pay attention to whether the photos you use regarding the treatments are licensed. If the images you use are not permitted, the licensee may impose sanctions on you. If you want to use licensed professional photos, Heal2Go will be happy to help you with this.
When will my clinic go online?
After entering your detail information about your clinic and selecting your membership plan, you can press the publish button on the panel section to let your clinic be published on Heal2Go.
Will I pay commission for patients who visit my clinic?
If you do not have an exclusive contract with Heal2Go, you pay only your annual membership fee. Besides, Heal2Go does not ask for an extra commission from you or your patients. You can make a special deal with Heal2Go to join the exclusive clinics. Please contact us for details.
What happens if the patient cancels the appointment?
You must clearly state how much the deposit will be returned or not to the patient if the patient cancels the appointment within the cancellation periods.
How do patients pay for their deposits?
Heal2Go offers you a unique online collection infrastructure on the clinical and patient communication screen. You can collect the total cost of the treatment or part of the deposit by providing various benefits to your patient from this payment screen. Heal2Go recommends that you take a deposit from your patients. In this way, you can guarantee your patient's appointment to a large extent and arrange the patient traffic of your clinic more easily.
What happens if a guest doesn't show up (a no-show)?
No-show? No problem. If you have a commission-based agreement with Heal2Go, you cannot pay any commissions. Besides, if you have collected any deposit for the patient's appointment, you do not need to return the deposit to your patient.
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