Heal2Go makes medical traveling easier

Heal2Go is an ingenious healthcare platform to help patients up to find, compare and book treatments internationally.

About Heal2Go

An innovative medical travel platform Our mission is to make medical traveling easier.

We do this by helping people find, compare and choose the right medical experiences. We're working on becoming the world's largest and most efficient curated marketplace for treatments abroad.

Adding Value

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Team Heal2Go

Who we are;
Our ever-growing team of international employees is a key source of our success. We want to help people get into an unforgettable medical experience, so we must understand different cultures! We come from The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, India, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Canada, the UK, the US. We’re not just international though, we’re also smart, fast, daring, cultured, cool, and pretty good at foosball.

Local Offices

Heal2Go has teams worldwide
Our headquarter is in Amsterdam Sciencepark, though we have team members and offices in Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, France, and the US. Local teams are on-the-ground representatives of Heal2Go in each of our major markets, connecting healthcare providers and medical travelers.